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Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI About

Public Engagement

Artificial intelligence, robotics and other themes of the JTS play a growing role in society. Many are curious about these developments and their advantages or disadvantages, others in society are very much questioning these developments.

The JTS wants to play a role in answering these questions and will involve the public in the new developments and research in school-related areas.

The JTS collaborates with other organisations like University of the North, Studium Generale, the other Schools and Provincial and City government.

In these activities, the JTS targets a cross-section of society, both in the region and beyond, from digital illiterate to gamer and from pupil to professor. These activities may evolve from networking and pitch events to setting up training courses in digitisation.

Last modified:23 November 2023 4.22 p.m.
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