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A new king without a crown

Wanneer:vr 26-04-2013 16:00 - 17:00
Waar:Geertsemazaal (Academy Building)
King's Day

On Friday April 26th 2013, Dutch Studies presents the lecture 'A new king without a crown'.

Doeko Bosscher will discuss the history of the Dutch monarchy and its kings and queen. From the early beginnings of the Dutch Republic in the 16th Century, the republican mentality (government for the people, of the people) is firmly embedded in the constitution and in all governmental institutions. In that sense the Dutch 'monarchy' is not what it seems to suggest. The monarch is really a President in disguise, and the members of the House of Orange, keenly aware of the republican tradition, normally play their republican role rather wisely. Will this 'kingdom' become a true republic (without a monarch) in the future? The speaker will speculate about that question.