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Courses and Exams

As an exchange student you will participate in courses alongside regular degree students (Bachelor of Science and Master of Science). We do not offer courses that were exclusively designed for exchange students.
Following selected courses of our degree programmes will enhance your academic learning experience and give you a wide range of courses to choose from. However, it also means that you need to meet entry requirements similar to those we set for our degree students, regarding both your academic qualifications and your level of English language proficiency.
The majority of courses open to exchange students are Bachelor’s (undergraduate) courses. Some Master’s (graduate) courses are also open to exchange students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree programme.

We offer courses in the following disciplines:

  • Psychology
  • Pedagogical and Educational Sciences
  • Sociology

Please note: We do not offer practicals or thesis supervision for exchange students!

An academic year consists of two semesters. Each semester is divided into two blocks (a + b). Each block finishes with an exam period.
A normal workload corresponds to 30 ECTS per semester (= 15 ECTS per block).

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