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Neuroscience and Religious Experiences - Guest lecture by Dr. Michiel van Elk (UvA)

When:We 29-10-2014 13:30 - 15:30
Where:Room 130

Guest lecture by Dr. Michiel van Elk (UvA), Neuroscience and Religious Experiences.

The last decades has seen a renewed interest in understanding the biological basis of religious and mystical experiences. Studies with neuropsychological patients, neuroimaging techniques and clever experimental manipulations have provided new insight in the neurocognitive basis of these experiences. In this lecture I will give a broad overview of the different explanations that have been proposed to account for such diverse experiences as (1) sensory overrides and hallucinations, (2) prayer and hearing the voice of God, (3) the feeling of a presence, (4) mystical experiences and an oceanic feeling. The philosophical and theological implications of these experiences will be discussed.
Dr. van Elk provided two articles to prepare for his lectures. Please send an e-mail to, if you would like to receive these.