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The Rudolph Agricola Seminar: what happened to astrology?

When:Mo 02-12-2013 16:00 - 18:00
Where:Room 130, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Oude Boteringestraat 38, Groningen

The Rudolph Agricola Seminar: What happened to astrology?

Prof. dr. Rienk Vermij (University of Oklahoma)

The development of modern science is normally described as the discovery of new knowledge, but the discarding of old ideas was as least as important. In seventeenth century Europe, astrology rather suddenly ceased to be an important part of learned culture, which it had been since ancient times. This development  is still not well understood. I will discuss this problem with a focus on the situation in the Dutch Republic. As I will show, the marginaliation of astrology did not follow in the wake of new scientific insights, but rather preceded them.

The language will be English.
The Agricola Seminar unites all those at the University of Groningen who work in premodernity. For more information see
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