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Exchange Courses

Are you interested in religion and the way it influences society, culture and politics ? Do you want to learn more about this phenomenon, which affects the everyday lives of so many people around the world? Would you like to study abroad to experience a different way of life? If you answer is YES, then the University of Groningen Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies in the Netherlands is the place to be!

Religion and Culture
Religion and Culture

In Groningen you are welcome to subscribe to the Bachelor’s exchange programme in Religion and Culture. This programme trains you to understand the cultural and social dynamics of religion and religious phenomena. Since the programme has a focus on contemporary events and case studies, you will learn to link academic theory to political and religious events as they unfold around you.

Tailor-made programme

The programme is tailor-made. You can choose from various courses which link to your educational background. If you have no background in religious studies, you can start with introductory course units. If you have already followed course units on religion or anthropology at your home university, you can follow specific thematic course units.

  • Religion in the Modern World Minor (30 ECTS) See Minor RMW [Sem 1]
  • Possibility to extend your stay abroad to a one-year or even two-year programme (60 / 120 ECTS)
  • Choose from a total of 20 course units to design your own programme (up to 120 ECTS in total)
  • All course units are taught in English
  • The programme is offered in Semester I (Sept – January) and Semester II (February – July).

Course units available in 2017-2018 (Semesters 1 + 2)

Introductory course units

- Anthropology, an introduction (7,5 ECTS) [Sem. 1a]
- Study of religion: Concepts and Methods (7.5 ects) [Sem 1a]
- Concepts and Methods 2 (7.5 ECTS) [Sem 1a]

Focus on Anthropology

- Anthropology of Muslim Societies (7,5 ECTS) [Sem. 1a]
- Anthropology of Religion (7.5 ECTS) [Sem 1b]

Religions in the Modern World

- Hinduism and Buddhism (7.5 ECTS) [Sem. 1b]
- Christianity and Religious Diversity (7.5 ECTS) [Sem. 1b]
- Christianity (7.5 ECTS) [Sem 2a]
- Islam (7.5 ECTS) [Sem. 2b]

Religion, Society and Culture Themes

- Rituals In Theory and Practices ((7.5 ECTS) [Sem. 1a]
- The Sacred Image (7.5 ECTS) [Sem 1b]
- Religion, Space, and Place (7,5 ECTS) [Sem 1b]
- Religious Law and Human Rights (7.5 ECTS) [Sem 1b]
- Religion and Politics  (7.5 ECTS) [Sem. 2a]
- Religion, Media and Popular Culture (7.5 ECST) [Sem 2a]
- Psychology and Sociology of Religion (7.5 ECTS) [Sem. 2a]
- Ethics and Secularity (7.5 ECST) [Sem 2b]
- Religion and Philosophy  (7.5 ECTS) [Sem. 2b]

Information on the required level of English for this exchange programme is available via Language requirements.

More details about these courses (entree level, literature, learning outcome, assessment, etc) are available in the course catalog.

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