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Education University of Groningen Summer Schools Winter Schools Young Leaders in Life Science and Technology

Major lecturers

Prof. dr. W. J.( Wim) Quax - University of Groningen

Prof. Wim J Quax is the Head of Department Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology. He served as member of the Committee Valorisation Grant from STW and Chairman of the Groningen University Committee for Academic Practice (UCW). He is current Member of the Take Off Grant Committee ZonMW and STW and of the board of the Dutch Pharma Portal. He is expert in biotechnology, pharmaceutical biology, molecular biology, and antibiotics. In the past four decades, he grew up from a cum laude PhD student to a leading scientist of Royal Gist-Brocades (now, it is known as a part of DSM) and Genencor International (Palo Alto and Delft), and then visiting Professor of University of Nottingham and Professor of University of Leiden. After he joined the University of Groningen, he became actively involved in the research and education. Over the last 20 years, he was the Director of the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP), Deputy -Director of the Research Institute GUIDE, Chairman of the Board of Research School GUIDE, Vice-speaker of European Graduate College Ruhr-Universität Bochum/University of Groningen (RUB/RUG), Elected member of Executive Board of European Federation of Biotechnology, Elected Member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences, and also responsible for recruiting PhD students as an admission officer in Asia.

Lie Wang
Prof. dr. Lie Wang - Zhejiang University

Prof. Lie Wang is the Director of Laboratory Animal Center of Zhejiang University. He got his doctoral degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences. Afterwards, he worked in National Institutes of Health (NIH, USA) as a postdoc researcher and revealed the mechanism of ThPOK (cKrox/Zbtb7b) in the immune system (Wang et al.,Immunity, 2009; Wang et al., Nature Immunol., 2009). He is enthusiastic about research, education, and the dissemination of science. Their Animal Center supports all the researches of Zhejiang University and other units, which are related to laboratory animal, also offers animal experimental training to all the researcher who are interested in. In Zhejiang University, he is a Professor and a Doctoral Supervisor of Immunology, and an Adjunct Professor of the Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute (ZJU-UoE Institute).

Prof. dr. G.J. (Gerrit) Poelarends - University of Groningen

Prof. Gerrit J Poelarends is Chair of Protein Research study group, Board Member of the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP), and Programme leader BDDD-GUIDE. He specializes in biocatalysis, enzyme cascades, mechanistic enzymology, protein engineering, directed evolution, catalytic promiscuity, and synthetic biology. He is one of the research backbones of University of Groningen and the rising star in enzymology field worldwide. In the past three years, he got the H2020-LEIT-BIO grant, NWO-KIEM grant, NWO-ECHO grant, ERC-PoC grant, NWO-VICI grant, H2020-MSCA-ITN grant, and H2020-MSCA-COFUND grant. His lectures are impressive and overwhelming, which caused him as one of the elected best Pharmacy bachelor teachers, and invited teacher of the NWO Masterclass “Leaders in Chemistry".

Prof. dr. Jianli Gao - Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

Prof. Jianli Gao is the Director of Pharmaceutical Research Center Public Platform of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. She was one of the leaders of the student union of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and graduated as a cum laude (doctoral degree) of University of Macau. Later, she became a postdoc researcher at the University of Chicago. Now she is responsible for the Pharmaceutical Research Center Public Platform and foreign affairs (vice-chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee) of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. She is elected member of four national committees, and also appointed academic-leader of pharmacology of Zhejiang province.

Prof. dr. F.J. (Frank) Dekker - University of Groningen

Prof. Frank J Dekker is Member of the Treasurer section Medicinal Chemistry of the Royal Dutch society of chemistry (KNCV), Management committee EU-COST action 'epigenetic chemical biology' ( ) and Track coordinator Drug Innovation in the Medical Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation programme. His researches mainly focus on organic chemistry, enzyme kinetics, bioorthogonal reactions, and cell-based studies. He is one of the best young scientists in University of Groningen, and one of the elected best teachers of Groningen. His research group yields around 10 top scientific papers per year in related fields, with a high ratio of his Ph.D. students graduating as cum laude.

Ph.D. researcher Zheng Guan - University of Groningen & Shanghai Bridget Life Science Co., Ltd.

Ph.D. researcher Zheng Guan is a scholarship recipient of China Scholarship Council, elected executive member of Science Popularization Branch of China Medical Association of Minorities, and CEO of Shanghai Bridget Life Science Co., Ltd. She grew up in a literary family, which ( 章镜尘 ) educated Coching Chu (former president of Zhejiang University and vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences). She was awarded as an outstanding student leader of Shaoxing City. In the past years, she experienced international trade, machine manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry, farming careers, and more than twelve institutes’ training programs (including European Bioinformatics Institute, and Peking University). She was a former class mentor of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, co-founder of Pharmacy School of former Xi'an Huaxi University, and research assistant of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Apart from them, the program will feature guest lecturers (from different fields and disciplines, e.g. industry, government) on the core themes of the summer school.

Experiment sections are led by different coaching teams from different Universities; depend on the topic and location (University of Groningen, Rita Setroikromo and Yafeng Song; Zhejiang University, Wei Li; Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Jianli Gao).

Support training is offered by Bridget Institute (joint team, coordinated by Zheng Guan ).
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