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Education University of Groningen Summer Schools Winter Schools Young Leaders in Life Science and Technology

Course Information

Target group

This summer school is designed for ambitious pre-university students and university freshmen who are interested in life science and technology. The purpose of the summer school is to prepare them as the best candidates for the top universities, and the potential young science and technology leaders (e.g. academia, industry, politics, and finance) in the future. High school students and university freshmen of all educational programmes are welcome to join this summer school.


The school starts from 1st July 2018 (support training). The university intensive training is arranged in 2018 winter and 2019 summer. The starting date of the university training will be announced in advance partly depending on the schedule of all joint coaching teams and the selected students.

Organized evaluation (entrance selection) will take place every two months (Groningen and Shanghai). One-year support training (mainly dedicated to preparations for the summer school/university training) starts from the registration time of each student. The support training carries out two times per month in Shanghai or online.

The whole programme contains 3 parts and 1-year support training:

  • Pre-education and General experimental training (Shanghai and Hangzhou, China)
  • Group project (Hangzhou, China)
  • Science innovation (Groningen, Netherlands)
  • Support training (Shanghai, China or online)

Learning outcomes

After this course you will be able to:

  • Address the challenges of interdisciplinary study and collaboration
  • Acquire the ability of self-study
  • Learn the most frequently used techniques, facilities, and methods in life science and related fields
  • Design an experiment and select methods fitting research questions
  • Know the hierarchical structure of natural science and life science
  • Present your scientific work to a multidisciplinary audience
  • Understand different perspectives on innovation

After successful completion of the summer school, a certificate of attendance (with evaluation grade) will be awarded.


  • Qualified summer school students are eligible to apply project management and scientific writing course, which can allow you to participate in a complete research project and become a possible co-author of paper or patent.
  • Excellent summer school students will get strong recommendation to apply top universities (e.g. recommendation letter from coaching team) and available priority to enter University of Groningen (e.g. direct recommendation to the university admission office).
  • Excellent summer school students will be rewarded with Bridget scholarship (different levels, top level is € 5,000, certificate will be signed by all the academic coordinators).


Summer school (intensive lab training)

Pre-education and General experimental training (Shanghai and Hangzhou, China): 50-60 hours
Group project (Hangzhou, China): 50-60 hours
Science innovation (Groningen, Netherlands): 50-60 hours
Homework: 50-60 hours (optional)

One-year support (mainly dedicated to preparations for the summer school)

Support training (Shanghai, China or Online): 150-200 hours
Homework: 50-60 hours (optional)
* Support period starts from your registration time. The training carries out two times per month in Shanghai.

Language Requirements
It is expected that the participants have a sufficient command of the English language to actively participate in the discussions and to present their own work in English
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