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Education University of Groningen Summer Schools Winter Schools Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Social Sustainability

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Participants will be selected based on resettlement experience. Please note that a maximum of 35 applications will be accepted. Applications will close once this number is reached. The final deadline for applications has passed. We are no longer accepting applications.

We consider that registration via the summer/winter school website constitutes an indication of interest to participate in the course and in principle agreement to pay the course fees should an applicant be selected to participate. Applicants are screened to ensure that they have an appropriate background for the course. Invitations to participate are sent to a selected number of participants bearing in mind the maximum number of participants each course can cater for. These invitations to participate nominate a specified confirmation timeframe. When a participant confirms their acceptance of a place in response to this invitation to participate and we therefore reserve a place for that person, we consider that this is an agreement to pay the course fees. The University will issue an invoice for the prescribed fee. The invoice should be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. We expect payment for the course to be completed before the course starts. We may refuse entry to any participants who have not paid the fees in advance.

In situations where a person who has accepted a place (i.e. responded positively to the indication to participate) is not able to attend the course for whatever reason, the following will apply. The person who is not able to attend can nominate a replacement person from their organisation. No fee will be charged for any substitution. If the person withdraws without substitution, when this is before eight weeks before the start of the course, no fee is payable and no penalty is applied. Where withdrawal occurs between eight weeks and seven days before the start of the course, a fee of 50% of the applicable course fees will be applied. When withdraw occurs within seven days before the start of the course, the full fee will be applied.

Last modified:05 April 2019 2.20 p.m.