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The Onassis Foundation Scholarship Program

Selection criteria

Countries of Origin:Greece

Additional information

Eligible candidates:

Purposes: for full-time doctaral studies

Programmes: for full-time doctoral studies at the place of study and not for distance learning, unless distance learning is preferred by the university due to force majeure or public health safety reasons, in Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Natural & Agricultural Sciences, Medicine & Health Sciences

Scholarships are open to all those holding Greek citizenship and/or of Greek nationality, or to graduates of Greek universities who hold Greek High School Diplomas and are legal residents in Greece.

Year of birth: 1988 onwards; exception for graduates of Medical School: 1985 onwards

Level of study: PhD or MPhil/PhD or other equivalent title

Lowest required Degree/Diploma’s GPA: Equivalent GPA with Greek Universities, certified by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (NARIC)

Foreign Language Knowledge:

  • According to the entry requirements of the chosen program of studies
  • Candidates should be holders of an official certificate of foreign language equivalent at least to the required level of foreign language knowledge according to the University’s Regulation. If the required level is not specified, the candidates should be holders of a certificate of foreign language level of at least C11
  • Exemption: Candidates do not have to submit an additional certificate of foreign language, if: they already hold a Bachelor or Master’s degree from the same country and in the same language with the chosen studies; they are already registered or have acquired an unconditional offer from the chosen program of studies at the stage of the application.
Grant information:

Duration of the Scholarship:

  • 9 – 36 months (based on the official minimum length of studies according to the University’s Regulation & the date of initial registration to the program)
  • applications for completion of studies are eligible, provided that there are at least 9 months of study remaining counting from the start of scholarship’s payments (1/9 or 1/10 onwards)
  • regarding doctoral studies, a 12- month extension is possible, assuming that the scholar is in good standing and has not exceeded the period of 4 years, since the first enrolment to the program or assuming the program’s minimum duration is more than 4 years Benefits for Scholars:
  • counseling during studies
  • monthly amount: E 1,000 / Additional Allowance (for tuition fees or relocation expenses): E 5,000
  • ability to claim PhD dissertation printing costs of up to EUR 1.000, subject to the requirements of the University Regulation
  • ability to claim doctoral dissertation publication expenses for limited copies of up to EUR 2.000 fo those who are required to publish their doctoral dissertation subject to University Regulation
  • ability to register to the Onassis Scholars’ Association after successful completion of studies and participation in its activities with the aim of networking and establishing fruitful collaborations worldwide
  • eligibility for additional funding as a member of the Onassis Scholars’ Association for: Covering the costs of publishing scientific articles in prestigious international scientific journals; PhD Thesis Publication

Grant provider:

The Onassis Foundation

Available positions:

up to 60 scholarships for postgraduate and doctoral studies in countries worldwide (countries other than Greece) per year


for the submission of applications end February; announcement of the results through the website mid July

  • The annual announcement specifies all the supporting documents required for the submission of an application within the specific deadlines, according to the relevant announcement.
  • Candidates may submit an application for one specialization or one field of study with the exception of interdisciplinary programs of study.
  • An application cannot be accepted only on the grounds that it is submitted.
  • The Scholarship Department of the Foundation reviews all the submitted applications. All the eligible applications according to the scholarship announcement proceed to the comparative evaluation and selection process.
  • After the announcement of the results, the successful candidates who have been granted a scholarship, cannot change their proposed program of study, if they fail to be admitted in the program for which they have been assessed.
  • The scholars of the Foundation who wish to pursue further studies (i.e. from Master’s Degree to Doctorate), always according to the valid announcement, should submit a new application with all the supporting documents within the specific deadlines mentioned in the relevant announcement.
More information: Onassis.orgContact the Scholarship Dept. through email: scholarship.applications or via phone: +30 210 37 13 053, -054, -055, -056, -057.
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