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LPDP/DIKTI overseas scholarship

Selection criteria

Purposes:Ph.D., Master (MSc/MA/LL.M.), Master programme
Countries of Origin:Indonesia

Additional information

Eligible candidates:

Indonesian citizens with an Indonesian or overseas qualifying degree.

Grant information:

Programs : LPDP (for any applicants except university lecturers), DIKTI (for university lecturers)

The LPDP and DIKTI scholarships are Master’s and PhD scholarships provided by the Indonesian government. The primary distinction is that the DIKTI scholarship is managed by the Ministry of Education & Culture and is exclusive to university lecturers, and that the LPDP scholarship (which is the overarching program) is managed by the Ministry of Finance and is open to all others (and university lecturers may not apply).

The scholarships cover tuition fees, monthly grants for cost of living, and a fixed amount for fees, travel expenses, relocation costs, etc. LPDP is in charge of grant payments and deals directly with the students concerned.

LPDP and DIKTI scholarship holders are eligible for the Groningen Scholarship Top-Up. The award of the Top-Up is at the discretion of the Graduate Schools, and therefore not guaranteed.

Grant provider:

The government of the Republic of Indonesia

Available positions:

no predetermined limit


determined by LPDP/DIKTI; may vary, published on website


Candidates either apply directly to LPDP/DIKTI and then engage with universities for admission (in the minority of cases), or obtain admission from a university first and then apply to LPDP/DIKTI (majority of cases); a scholarship interview with LPDP or DIKTI is always required

More information: LPDP  (for LPDP, in Indonesian). DIKTI in Indonesian. Further information is available through our graduate schools and through the central department for International Strategy & Relations, esp. Mr. Tim Zwaagstra, Senior Policy Adviser Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, prospective candidates may consult with the official representative of the University of Groningen in Indonesia, GROW representative Office in Jakarta: info, for further support (free of charge).
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