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History (part-time)

Ben je nieuwsgierig naar de samenhang tussen heden en verleden? Wil je je verdiepen in de achtergronden van historische gebeurtenissen? Dan is deze opleiding iets voor jou.

Bachelor - part-time


Have you ever thought about what connects the past with the present? And would you like to learn more about the background to various historic events? If so, this is your programme!

Bachelor - full-time

Information Science

How do you build an efficient search engine? How can you improve Google Translate? How can you use machine learning to make a chatbot? And how do people use emoticons and hashtags on social media?

Bachelor - full-time

International Relations and International Organization

Are you interested in international issues? Would you like to study and work in an international environment? The IRIO Bachelor programme is a great stepping-stone to an international career.

Bachelor - full-time


Kun je een grammatica ontwikkelen die op elke taal van toepassing is? Hoe wordt taal in onze hersenen opgeslagen? Deze bachelor richt zich op het taalvermogen van de mens.

Bachelor - voltijd

Media Studies

Media are at the heart of contemporary life. From social media to print, from websites to television, from search engines to apps: our understanding of the world is shaped by media.

Bachelor - full-time

Middle Eastern Studies

Islamitische Staat, vluchtelingen, Israël en de Palestijnen: het Midden-Oosten is dagelijks in het nieuws. Volg je dat met meer dan gemiddelde interesse en wil je meer achtergronden leren kennen?

Bachelor - voltijd

Minorities & Multilingualism

Are you interested in politics and culture? Do you want to become an expert in the fields of minorities & multilingualism? Or are you interested in a specific minority language? Consider this track!

Bachelor - full-time

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