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Education Legal protection Registry for the CBE

Modus operandi

The term for submitting an appeal is six weeks after the decision was made. After the CBE has received the appeal, they will first attempt to reach an amicable settlement between the parties concerned. If this does not prove possible, the appeal will then be processed by the CBE and the person who submitted the appeal will be heard by the CBE. In this hearing, the person who submitted the appeal can explain their position and answer questions from the CBE. The person who took the decision, or a representative of the organization that took the decision being appealed, will also be present and heard at the hearing. Other individuals present at the hearing include the registrar, who makes a report of the hearing, and the secretary, who records the decisions made by the CBE.

The CBE makes independent and autonomous decisions on appeals, thus without interference from the University. The procedures relating to the submission of an appeal, the hearing and other procedural affairs are laid out in the Reglement van orde van het CBE (‘Rules of Procedure of the CBE’).

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