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Marie Curie - Sklodowska Fellowships

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Landen van herkomst:Oostenrijk, België, Cyprus, Denemarken, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Griekenland, Groenland, Hongarije, Ierland, Italië, Luxemburg, Nederland, Polen, Portugal, Roemenië, Slowakije, Slovenië, Spanje, Zweden, Bulgarije, Estland, Letland, Litouwen, Liechtenstein, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Finland, Zwitserland, Macedonië, Israël

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The fellowships are specifically for early stage researchers who have obtained a degree that gives them access to doctoral studies. They should normally be undertaking a doctoral degree in History or related fields; they may, however, be actively engaged in a research project without being registered for a doctorate. These fellowships are not open to post doctoral researchers.

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Successful applicants receive a scholarship of approximately € 1323 per month (for University of Groningen) and a personal budget of approximately € 700 for mobility and travel expenses.

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Marie Curie Early Stage Training Programme


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Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions

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