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Selection criteria

Purposes:Exchange, Short stay/research
Countries of origin:United States

Additional information

Eligible candidates:
Advanced undergraduate students who will complete their Bachelor's degree before departure; graduate and PhD students. U.S. citizens. Applications in the humanities, arts and social sciences are particularly encouraged.
Grant information:
Value and purpose of grant : The Fulbright Program promotes mutual understanding between U.S. and Dutch citizens by providing grants for study and/or research. The grant consists of a monthly allowance of at least 950 euro during nine months which can be applied to the cost of living, tuition fee, research costs, local transportation and other costs; reimbursement of international travel costs up to 950 euro, reimbursement of the cost of a residence permit and a health and accidents insurance. The total value of the grant is app. 10, 500 euro. No extra allowance is given to cover tuition fees
Grant award period : one academic year, grants must start 1 September
Grant provider:
The Fulbright Center in Amsterdam for regular Fulbright grants; the Netherland-America Foundation for NAF-Fulbright Grants - conditions are the same for both providers, but the NAF provides a ticket rather than a travel reimbursement.

The application deadline for the graduate study Fulbright grant is on 31 January.

The Fulbright timeline


Applications should be submitted to:
IIE’s New York office
809 United Nations Plaza
New York , NY 10017-3580

Applications must include :
Proof of acceptance from an academic institution in The Netherlands or letters of affiliation from appropriate Dutch specialists. Candidates must obtain their own placements and are responsible for paying tuition fees, if applicable. Applications from students who are already in The Netherlands will not be accepted.

Students enrolled at U.S. campuses should be aware that their applications must be submitted to their adviser by the campus deadline and may not be submitted directly to the Institute of International Education.

More information: Institute of International Education :
Fulbright Center :
Netherland-America Foundation:
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