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Cultural associations

Student Culture Centre Usva is the cultural facility of the University of Groningen. As part of the University, Usva strives to encourage students to develop themselves in the arts and culture. Therefore, Usva provides an artistic platform in Groningen where students have the opportunity to discover and engage with the arts. Have you always danced, and do you wish to continue this during your studies? Or are you looking for a new cultural challenge? The doors of our colourful building at Munnekeholm 10 are open to everyone!

Usva provides cultural activities in several ways. From courses for a reduced, student friendly price, to events such as Jam Sessions and Cultural Pub quizzes! Most of these events are organized by one of our many committees, in which students from multiple backgrounds come together to share their passions for the arts! Are you interested in any of our courses, events, or committees? Don’t hesitate to take a look at our website

Are you looking for a cultural student association that focuses on one particular art discipline? In addition to their own activities, Usva also acts as the umbrella organisation for all cultural student associations. Whether you’re in search of a theatre group, choir, orchestra, or dance association, you can find all Groningen has to offer when it comes to cultural student associations at During the ESN introduction week, Usva will host the ESN Culture Day where you can get to know multiple associations, as well as Usva, by following multiple awesome workshops.

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