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About Brexit: for prospective students from the UK

If you are a prospective student with only a British passport (and without an EU/EEA passport), we have included some information for you below.

Immigration process for non-EU citizens

If you are coming over to study in the Netherlands as a British citizen, you will have to follow through the immigration process for non-EU citizens. All British students need to have a Dutch residence permit in order to live here.

Your application will run through the University’s Immigration Service Desk (ISD). Please find more information at the Visa and Immigration pages for Bachelor’s / Visa and Immigration pages for Master’s . If you have any questions regarding residence permit applications which you would like to discuss with us, please contact the ISD.

Tuition fees for non-EU citizens

At Dutch Higher Education Institutions we have two types of fees, details of which can be found on the following pages - tuition fees for degree programmes .

Since the UK is no longer an EU member state, most British citizens pay the University tuition fees II for non-EU students. This applies to all British citizens who arrive in the Netherlands to study after 31 December 2020.

Exception: pre-Brexit residents of the Netherlands

Are you already a resident of the Netherlands? British students who:

  • have registered their Dutch residence with the municipality since before 31 December 2020, and
  • who have a Withdrawal Agreement residence permit, and
  • have kept their Dutch residence status permanently after 31 December 2020
  • will remain eligible for the EU statutory tuition fees if they meet all other admission requirements as well.

If this is the case, please send a colour scan of both the front and back of your Dutch residence permit to the University’s Immigration Service Desk (ISD) after you have applied in Studielink. Please note that the final decision is always up to DUO, which is a part of the Dutch Government, as the statutory tuition fees are subsidized by the Dutch Government.

Exception: EU citizens

Are you also an EU citizen? If you have dual citizenship in an EU country, please make sure to upload your EU passport or EU Identity card with your application in Studielink. That will ensure that you will keep your EU entitlements.

EU residents

Are you a long-time EU resident? Do you wish to check whether the EU-level statutory tuition fees apply for you? Please send an email to the ISD , and please include a colour scan of both the front and the back of your EU residence permit. The ISD can only assess this question based on your document.

Please note again that the final decision on your tuition fee level is always up to DUO.

Health insurance

You are obliged to have health care insurance coverage. If you wish to check if you already have health care coverage in the Netherlands, please contact your British health insurer/the NHS. If you do not have coverage, you may take out health insurance with AON. Please find more information on the Aon website.


Please note, this is a general message to inform British students, and does not affect the status of your admission, tuition fees and/or enrolment. You cannot derive rights and/or entitlements from this information.

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