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About us Campus Fryslân Research at Campus Fryslân Frisian flagships Data Research Centre



  • Minor Data Wise: Data Science in Society (Beaulieu and Stulp, 2018-ongoing)
  • Deconvolving the Carbon Mosaic Across Scales (Van Der Voort, 2018-ongoing)
  • Cutting Crime Impact - Collaboration in EU Horizon2020 Project (From 10/2018-ongoing; Gstrein, Bunnik, Zwitter)
  • Big Data and Policing: Assessing the Implementation of Big Data by UK Law Enforcement. PhD Project. Bunnik, 2018-2021 (promoter Zwitter, co-promoters Mulqueen (UCLAN) and Lundie (University of Glasgow)).
  • Self-Sovereign Digital Identity Management in the University Context (2019-2020; Zwitter, Gstrein)
  • Organising Knowledge for Sustainable Futures: Knowledge Infrastructure for Reporting on Progress on SDGs (2019-2020; Beaulieu).
  • Relating to Epistemic Responsibility: the machine learning entanglements of ten mental healthcare organizations in the Netherlands (2019-2020; Stevens (EUR) and Beaulieu)
  • How did this person get in the data? A discussion of the blurry concept(s) of privacy in the digital age (Gstrein and Beaulieu 2019-2020)
  • A Critical Introduction to Data and Society, under contract with Sage (2019-2021; Beaulieu and Leonelli (U of Exeter))
  • Cherishing epistemic ‘credibility’ beyond the truth: In pursuit of both credible and open-ended knowledge claims in the context of big ecology. PhD Project. Eren, 2019-2023; (promoter Zwitter, co-promoter Beaulieu).
  • The Use of Big Data on Sustainable Tourism. PhD Project. Rahmadian, 2019-2023 (promoter Zwitter, co-promoter Feitosa)
  • Global Flyways as boundary objects in knowledge infrastructures (2020; Beaulieu, Eren, Piersma, et al)
  • Virtual Reality in Research and Education (2020; Zwitter, Gstrein, Coler, Schultz, ESI)
  • Artificial Intelligence and International Relations. PhD Project. Blauth, 2020-2024 (promoter Zwitter, co-promoter Gstrein)
  • Climate resilience in northern European delta areas. PhD Project. Kraamwinkel, 2020-2024 (promoter Zwitter, co-promoters Van Der Voort and Beaulieu)


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