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Summer School: A degrowth trajectory towards living with Earth through a Planetary Health lens

From:Mo 24-06-2024
Until:Sa 29-06-2024
Where:Online with the possibility of meeting at Campus Fryslân Leeuwarden -- the Netherlands

Planetary Health is a new field of study that focuses on the impacts of human disruption on Earth’s natural system on human health and all life on Earth. Although complex, the matter under study in Planetary Health is intrinsically connected to the current challenges, shifting the focus from humans to the ecosystems they are embedded to. Thus, Planetary Health is a necessary lens for analysing and understanding the upstream drivers and downstream consequences pertaining to our society.

Degrowth proposes a societal model that shifts from profit maximisation and accumulation – a direct result of the exploitation of nature and people – to the fulfilment of social needs and ecological justice.

The role of degrowth as a trajectory to live with Earth under a Planetary Health perspective will be a central theme of our summer school, guiding our discussion and learning.

After this summer school you will be able to:

  1. Explain the fundamentals of planetary health and degrowth: Clearly articulate the underlying determinants of planetary health, the principles, and the mechanisms that integrate degrowth with planetary health.  
  2. Design and Evaluate Degrowth Strategies: Participants will be able to design strategies that prioritize ecological and social justice. They will learn to evaluate the potential effectiveness and feasibility of these strategies using criteria that encompass ecological, economic, and social dimensions, aligned with Planetary Health principles.
  3. Analyse policies and governance structures through a planetary health perspective: Learners will gain the competence to critically analyze existing structures and propose modifications to better align with the principles of Planetary Health and degrowth.
  4. Communicate Complex Concepts Effectively: Participants will be equipped with the ability to communicate complex concepts related to Planetary Health and degrowth to a variety of audiences, including non-experts, in a clear and persuasive manner.
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