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Save the Date: PhD Defence Abe Hendriks

When:Th 30-05-2024 13:30 - 15:00
Where:Auditorium, Campus Fryslân (Wirdumerdijk 34, Leeuwarden)

On May 30th, PhD candidate Abe Hendriks will be defending his PhD thesis on the governance of a transition towards a circular economy. The ceremony will include a short talk for a lay audience, so all are welcome to join. N.B.: The defence will also be broadcast through a livestream.

13:30 - 13:45
Layman's talk
14:00 - 15:00
Public defense

This dissertation explores how the circular economy is envisioned as a desirable future. The circular economy, as opposed to the linear economy, is an approach where loops are closed, and resources are preserved. The concept evolves continuously and is interpreted within various social and material contexts, with future visions being politically charged and influencing current behavior and political decision-making. In this dissertation, I employ the concept of sociotechnical imaginaries, which are collective future visions that are somewhat stable and also put into concrete practice, thus legitimizing and shaping current actions. However, there is little understanding in the literature of how these future visions are stabilized. The dissertation investigates the development of future visions of the circular economy in different regions, including Fryslân and Het Groene Hart, and analyzes the role of time in shaping these future visions. The dynamics of community engagement with the circular economy concept are also examined, including shifts in discourse and interpretations of the concept. The research advocates for a critical approach to future visions, where humility and wonder are crucial attributes. By prioritizing uncertainty and combining utopian dreams with pragmatic action, paths to a more sustainable future can be forged.


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