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Rijksuniversiteit Groningen/Campus FryslânCentre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship



Ms A.I.H van Waning is Head of CSR/Director of the Vebego Foundation and Vebego International BV. She indicates that her company definitely needs employees with a Master’s in Sustainable Entrepreneurship: ‘Sustainability is becoming increasingly important now that it seems that current business models will not endure in the long run. But what’s next? We don’t know yet. Knowledge has been spread out and mainly scraped together by different degree programmes. That’s why focus is important. It triggers companies automatically.’ Ms van Waning is very clear about the qualities new employees need: ‘What matters is authenticity, not background. It’s about the ability and the guts to think differently. In principle, knowledge of sustainability is important, but then without the focus on one of the three Ps, as they only make you prejudiced. Apart from that, it’s mainly innovative leadership that’s important as well as thinking differently; authentic leadership!’

Quote: ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship becomes more and more important for businesses. Here at Interface we can definitely use students with new insights, knowledge and ideas about sustainable entrepreneurship.’ G. van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development at Interface.


Ms G. van Arkel, Head of Sustainable Development at Interface, is also very positive about the new degree programme. She confirms that ‘sustainable entrepreneurship is becoming paramount, and many companies could do with the expertise of students with a degree in Sustainable Entrepreneurship. The combination of The Natural Step, a scientific model for strategic sustainable development and biomimicry, and applying lessons from nature to product, process, business model and organization, have been key to Interface’s success in the fields of sustainability and business economics. In the Netherlands Interface is hiring 10 to 15 new employees every year. SE students are welcome to come to Scherpenzeel, the location of the European main office and production location, where production is circular and recycling takes place at raw material level.’


Ms C. Wijdoogen, Director of Sustainable Entrepreneurship at NS and CSR Manager of the year 2014, is also very positive about the new Master’s programme. ‘What a large organisation like the NS needs is employees with sustainability in their educational background’. She points out that employees must be able to link their degree programme content to sustainability: ‘Finance students should for example be able to think about how Finance can be made sustainable, or HR students how HR can become sustainable. To become a CSR Manager you need knowledge of sustainable entrepreneurship, leadership skills and a thorough knowledge of company processes and functions; they’re indispensable to make the connection between theory and practice.’

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