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The curriculum

All activities in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship and management are organised by the Centre of Sustainable Entrepreneurship. The Centre is thus key to our community; students will participate in and benefit from the research and business activities of the Centre.

The Master’s in Sustainable Entrepreneurship covers all the key elements, from developing and implementing sustainable management and business models to evaluating them, and from leadership to structure, strategic alliances, context, policymaking and performance. For each, we offer state-of-the-art academic perspectives on mainstream and sustainable theories.

Block 1. Designing Sustainable Organisations

In the first block you will learn how to design sustainable organisations in course units on the foundations of the field, leadership and strategy.

Block 2. Implementing Sustainable Organisations

In the second block you will learn how to implement sustainable organisations. Organization design, managing strategies alliances and positioning sustainable organizations will all be dealt with in detail.

Block 3. Managing Sustainable Organisations

In the third block you will learn how to manage sustainable organisations. You will review government policies and learn how to balance the interests of people, planet, profit and regions. This block also covers the research methods and philosophy of sustainable entrepreneurship and management.

Block 4. Leadership Project

In the fourth block you will work on a leadership project. You will choose a host organization to centre your project on.

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