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About us

Mission and values

Our mission is to preserve our planet for future generations through successful sustainable entrepreneurship. We provide students, business leaders, policymakers, and academic scholars with all the knowledge and competencies they need to make sustainable entrepreneurship successful.

Four values guide the Centre’s efforts to develop the design, implementation and management of successful sustainable entrepreneurship. These values are the measure for our thinking and actions. They are the essence of what ties us together today and tomorrow.

Relevance. All our activities start with business experience and business challenges with respect to sustainability. We are inspired to constructively fostering sustainable entrepreneurship. For our stakeholders, we are focused on providing useful knowledge and insights on sustainability that matter to business.

Inclusion. We are committed to building enduring relationships with all of our stakeholders. We connect business leaders with students, academic scholars, and policymakers in an open environment that appreciates and values differences. We believe that inclusive and multidisciplinary relationships are best for fostering sustainable entrepreneurship by teaming up to create new products and services across sectors, firms, disciplines, and institutes.

Innovation. We take pride in discovering radical new ways to create sustainable entrepreneurship for our members. We are open to disentangling new and unknown challenges driven by intellectual curiosity and societal relevance. We actively promote a culture of invention by encouraging continuous learning among all of our members reflected in new ideas, concepts, and services about sustainable entrepreneurship.

Authenticity. We are open, trustworthy, and down-to-earth with all of our members. We are transparent in our way of working, methods, and services. We are convinced of the need for, and added value of, sustainable business and are rigorous and authentic in advocating our mission without compromises.

Vision and strategy

Our vision is that successful sustainable entrepreneurship will result in a circular economy that preserves our planet for future generations. We aspire to be a world-wide acknowledged source of expertise for the development, implementation, and management of successful sustainable entrepreneurship.

Our strategy is tailor-made for three groups of stakeholders: students, business leaders, and academic scholars.

First, we are observing an increasing interest from students to specialise in sustainable entrepreneurship. As the new generation of future leaders, students value sustainability as an important topic in and of itself. The first strategy of the Centre of Entrepreneurship therefore is to develop and implement a top-level fulltime academic master degree programme. Based on research-driven education, this master programme fosters vision and competencies relevant for future business careers in sustainability. In so doing, we respond to the call for more leadership on sustainability from business and policy organisations.

Second, we are increasingly receiving calls for evidence-based sustainability toolkits from business. Large international corporations present best practice examples of sustainability. These thought leaders spark an increasing demand to understand the foundations of their successful business models of sustainability. The second strategy of the Centre of Sustainable Entrepreneurship therefore is to develop and implement a business programme of masterclasses in sustainability. Based on evidence-based training, the business programme offers state-of-the art insights for successful business models of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Third, academic scholars are being pushed and pulled towards in-depth studies of sustainability. We can observe a growing demand from academics to show the added value of their research. The third strategy of the Centre of Sustainable Entrepreneurship therefore is to develop and implement sustainability labs. Sustainability labs explore and exploit new elements in business models for sustainable entrepreneurship. The sustainability labs disentangle the key principles and opportunities of sustainability in co-creation between business and academic scholars.

Added value

The Centre provides university students, business leaders, and academic scholars with all the knowledge needed to successfully serve the sustainable enterprise. We will do so by means of in-depth research and best practices; objective information and fact-based analyses; and international platforms for thought leadership.

The added value for students is an academic degree in sustainable entrepreneurship. Our master degree qualifies students for future careers in all business sectors; national and international policy institutes, ministries, and public organisations.

The added value for business leaders is developing and using new business models of sustainability. Our masterclasses present best practices and evidence-based toolkits to start or accelerate sustainable business based on state-of-the art research and theories.

The added value for academic scholars is the design of relevant research agendas and the collection of new data. Our sustainability labs offer academic scholars unique opportunities to develop and test new concepts, theories and models reflected in a wide range of publications and student products such as Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD theses.

The added value to the regional economy is new employment, sustainable clusters, and resilience. The Centre shows one of the other 273 similar European regions how innovative, resilient, and successful sustainable entrepreneurship can be developed and maintained. The Centre will offer all-encompassing opportunities to its members to learn, share and inspire about the causes and consequences of successful sustainable entrepreneurship.

The added value to the University of Groningen is its profile as the internationally acknowledged sustainability expert. This supports the recruitment of new students and staff. The Centre fosters the University’s top position in international rankings. The Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship actively builds new communities dedicated to the sustainable society collaborating with existing Faculties and research groups. The Centre fosters valorisation, that is, knowledge interventions in practice and academic research – translated in evidence-based experience and business relevant academic teaching – which is a key factor.

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