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About us Campus Fryslân Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Societal impact

Sustainability for Business Leaders

Our sustainable business programme

We offer a set of business lectures that enable entrepreneurs to learn about best practices of sustainable entrepreneurship and to identify opportunities for their existing business models.

Our programme is dedicated to the business success of sustainable entrepreneurship. We, therefore, present an overall business model approach for sustainable entrepreneurship ranging from strategy and leadership to successful teams, innovation, and business functions such as marketing, logistics, and human resource management.

Business masterclasses

We have organised our business lectures in three sets.

  1. The first set of lectures on strategy, leadership, personnel, teams, models, and organisation focuses on sustainability within firms or organisations.
  2. The second set of lectures on strategic alliances, clusters, networks, and value chains focuses on sustainability between organisations.
  3. The third set of lectures on export, cultural differences, public policies, and globalisation focuses on the context within which sustainable entrepreneurs operate.

Results and opportunities

The business lectures will answer a large number of challenging questions related to successful sustainable entrepreneurship:

  • What are the current activities of sustainability?
  • How can we design and implement successful business models of sustainable entrepreneurship?
  • What are the conditions for a successful management of sustainable business models?

The most important results from this programme are:

  • Best practices: patterns of sustainability in existing business models will be analysed and the results will be shared among the participants;
  • Evidence-based toolkits: instruments that connect to sustainable entrepreneurship including methods for organisation analysis and organisation design at all levels;
  • Inspiration and education: state-of-the-art insights and knowledge of successful business models in sustainability;
  • Networks and opportunities: opportunities to connect to business partners and academic scholars in different domains.
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