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About us Campus Fryslân Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research

Sustainability for Academic Scholars

Research meets business practice

In our Centre, academic scholars collaborate with business to develop and implement sustainable entrepreneurship to enable a social, environmental, and value-creating society.

The teams work in sustainability labs. The sustainability labs reflect on existing business models and design new ones. They will use peer groups, cases, interviews, and experiments.

The labs will show how business can benefit from sustainability by transforming their product configurations, supply chains and their value propositions to their customers. The labs will report best practice examples of successful sustainable entrepreneurship that are relevant for business, teaching and research.

Sustainability labs

The sustainability labs are organised in themes such as sustainable marketing, sustainable energy and sustainable innovation and will define and solve business challenges including:

  • What are the most important instruments to make organisations more sustainable and to obtain sustainable growth?
  • What are the key principles in changing an existing business model into a sustainable one?
  • How can companies become both, sustainable and successful?

Results and opportunities

In the sustainability labs fundamental academic research is combined with business practice. The sustainability labs offer a large number of products and services.

The labs serve business challenges of sustainability. The labs offer sustainability monitors for firms, industries, and regions. They present consultancy tools that measure and advise on successful sustainability for corporations. The insights are translated into articles, conference presentations, PhDs and student theses at all levels.

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