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About us Campus Fryslân Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The what and why

What is the challenge?

Many countries and regions face unprecedented crises and disruptive events. International financial dilemmas and ecological catastrophes are challenging our existing economic systems more than ever. The impact of these global challenges can no longer be ignored. The transformation from an oil- and gas-based economy into a circular society is the main challenge of the modern world economy.

Why sustainable entrepreneurship?

Sustainable entrepreneurship is the key answer to the main challenge, it differs from mainstream entrepreneurship which only focuses on maximizing profits at all costs. Sustainable entrepreneurs face many challenges. They produce new products and services for new markets with new business models. The market reports great variation in the degree and success of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Why a Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship?

The Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship is the crucial answer to this question. The Centre will foster the design, implementation, and management of successful sustainable entrepreneurship because:

  1. It educates a new generation of sustainable leadership by means of an academic full-time master for university students;
  2. It inspires and supports existing and new firms by means of certified masterclasses for business leaders;
  3. It generates in-depth academic knowledge by means of sustainability labs for academic scholars

The joint efforts of university students, business leaders, and academic scholars will disentangle the causes and consequences of successful sustainable entrepreneurship.

Last modified:19 December 2018 07.00 a.m.