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About us Campus Fryslân Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Dr. ir. Niels Faber

Dr. ir. Niels Faber is assistant professor Circular Entrepreneurship at the Campus Fryslân Faculty of the University of Groningen. His research focuses on the organizational aspects of and business models for sustainability and the circular economy. This translates to the following themes: new forms of organizing within the circular economy, transition towards the circular economy, and measuring the progress of the circular economy transition. This has led to a series of academic and professional publications related to this topic.

Publications Jul 2019 – Jan 2020

Jonker, J., & Faber, N. (2019). Insights from teaching sustainable business models using a MOOC and a Hackathon. Journal of Business Models, 7(3), 57–66.


We provide two teaching approaches, developed to teach sustainable business modeling to Bachelor and Master students. First, we present a MOOC on developing "new business models" focusing on practitioners in society. Second, we describe an approach in which students develop sustainable business models using a Hackathon as the teaching format.

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