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About us Campus Fryslân Centre for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Dr. Josephine Geiger

Dr. Josephine Geiger: sustainable entrepreneurship

Dr. Josephine Geiger is a social psycholo-gist and the Centre’s assistant professor in sustainable entrepreneurship. She is interested in learning about the determi-nants and consequences of behaviour related to sustainable entrepreneurship. She develops different research lines including a visualization of change pro-cesses and consumer requirements for sustainable packages. The first research line aims to better understand situations in which employees face (unforeseen) difficulties and challenges and how they solve it with a particular focus on the human factor in there. The visualization of these processes can help to identify challenging situations within companies and to sensitize and train employees and leaders for these. The research offers important foundations for decision-making processes with regard to sustainability. Volkswagen Emden, Bünting Emden and ID Partners Enschede are the partners in this research. The second research line aims to understand consumer’s requirements for sustainable packag-ing. The results indicate that aesthetics and handiness are important factors for consumer to use them. House of Design is the partner in this research line and integrates these insights into the design of these reusable containers. The research offers important foundations to systemat-ically test the effects of different designs on consumers’ waste behaviours.

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