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The Council of Commitment

The Council of Commitment (Raad van Betrokkenheid) supports the research, education and consultancy activities of our Centre. All members are dedicated to make sustainable entrepreneurship in a circular economy successful. The Council shares all knowledge and experience relevant for our students, scholars and local community.

  • Anne Jan Zwart - Ecostyle
  • John Vernooij - Omrin
  • Mia Schaafsma - Elkien
  • Annette van Waning - Vebego
  • Geesje Duursma - De Pleats
  • Ingrid Zeegers - Circulair Friesland
  • Gert-Jan Euverink - RUG/Faculteit Science and Engineering
  • Enno van der Werff - SKSG
  • Jannie Nijlunsing - De Hoven
Last modified:19 December 2018 07.00 a.m.