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Centre for Energy Business and Economics Research
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Centre for Energy Business and Economics Research
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IAEE Energy conference-2018

Other round tables at 41st International IAEE Energy conference

Datum:19 april 2018

The round table ‘Energy Transition: Role of Local Governments’ on June 12, 2018 focusses on the dramatic change in the energy industry from a centralized large-scale fossil fuel generation to distributed decentralized small-scale generation based on...

Fransforming Energy Markets

Two new round tables at 41st International IAEE Energy conference

Datum:12 april 2018

The round table ‘Disruptive Challenges for the Energy Industry’ on 11 June 2018 discusses disruptive innovations, how the energy industry can cope with this phenomenon and the role of government policy in the world of disruptive developments. The examples...

Transforming Energy Markets

Six round tables at 41st International IAEE Energy conference

Datum:10 april 2018

These round tables offer a unique opportunity for academics, policy makers, consultants and representatives from energy business to meet and discuss various relevant energy related topics.

Gazprom Seminar: Trading the Thermal Energy Complex

Datum:09 maart 2018

Are you curious about energy trading and do you want to learn more about the dynamic and diverse environment energy traders work in?

Blog: Against the Gods – A day on a London trade floor

Datum:23 januari 2018

Working in energy or finance as a trader or analyst can seem rational and automated but it also involves dealing with randomness. Find out about a dynamic and diverse day in the life of a trader in this blog by a professional from a London trading floor.

Shell Business Challenge

Energise your future with Shell Business Challenge!

Datum:19 oktober 2017

Do you want to stand out from the crowd on the job market? Are you ready to bridge the gap between the theories you learn and the reality that corporate executives face? 

Catch up! on Energy Transition - 24 November

Datum:17 oktober 2017

The dynamic world of energy is rapidly changing. Successful innovations call for strategic perspectives, while companies are searching for new ways to respond to different market demands. Are you a player in the energy business, who is currently dealing...

'Subsidies for renewable energy result in more emissions in the industry' by Steven Mous

Datum:13 oktober 2017

The European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) currently caps emissions of over eleven thousand installations in thirty-one countries, amounting to around 45 percent of EU CO2 emissions. Simultaneously, many European governments aim to replace...

‘Solving the Energy Puzzle’ MOOC launches its fourth edition

Datum:30 september 2017

On 30 October the free online course ‘Solving the Energy Puzzle’ launches its fourth edition. The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) will provide an insight into the vast array of issues surrounding the complexity of the energy transition, one of the...