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Centre for Energy Business and Economics Research
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Centre for Energy Business and Economics Research
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Lennard Rekker (centre, front) obtained his PhD on the economics of hydrogen markets

Lennard Rekker defended his PhD thesis on Economics of Hydrogen Markets

Datum:10 maart 2024
Many policy scenarios suggest an increasing integration of green hydrogen driven by falling electrolyzer cost, higher shares of low cost renewable electricity from wind and solar, and higher carbon prices. However, limited attention has been paid so far to the underlying economic mechanisms and regulation of energy markets. What is the role of these economic aspects in determining the prospects of green hydrogen? This question has been answered by Lennard Rekker in his PhD thesis on the Economics of Hydrogen Markets, which he succesfully defended at the University of Groningen last week.
public electric-vehicle charging point

Publication in Journal of Regulatory Economics on impact of energy transition on yardstick regulation

Datum:04 maart 2024
The Journal of Regulatory Economics published our article on the impact of energy transition on distribution network costs and effectiveness of yardstick competition.
CEnBER director and Professor of Energy Economics Machiel Mulder

Machiel Mulder appointed as member of Scientific Climate Council

Datum:29 maart 2023
Machiel Mulder, CEnBER director and Professor of Energy Economics at the University of Groningen, has been appointed as member of the Scientific Climate Council (WKR). This was announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. This independent advisory council will advise the government on climate policy.
Professor of Energy Logistics Evrim Ursavas

Evrim Ursavas appointed as Professor of Energy Logistics

Datum:01 maart 2023
The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) has appointed Dr. Evrim Ursavas as Professor of Energy Logistics. The chair is situated within the department of Operations.
Daan Hulshof (left)

Daan Hulshof wins SOM Award 2021 for his PhD thesis on incentives for renewable energy

Datum:20 juli 2022
The Faculty of Economic and Business (FEB) has awarded the SOM Best PhD Thesis prize 2021 to Daan Hulshof, PhD graduate at the Centre for Energy Economics Research (CEER).
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Staff news: Xinyu Li, Sina Ghaemi and Peter Perey will start new jobs

Datum:20 juli 2022
Staff news: Xinyu Li, Sina Ghaemi and Peter Perey will start new jobs.
Machiel Mulder

Machiel Mulder’s new book offers insights on the energy transition and policies contributing to achieving it

Datum:20 juli 2022
Professor Machiel Mulder of the Centre for Energy Economics Research (CEER) at the University of Groningen offers insights about the energy transition and contributing policies in his new book: “Energietransitie: Eerst snappen, dan doen” (English: “Energy transition: Think first, then act”), published by Eburon Academic Publishers.
cover CEER policy paper no.12

Nuclear power plant fits well in electricity market with high share of renewables

Datum:21 april 2022

When an electricity market has a high amount of wind turbines and solar PV, as is the ambition in many countries including the Netherlands, it is more efficient to build a nuclear power plant instead of investing further in more renewable capacity. This...

CEER Policy Paper nr. 11

Green hydrogen production more costly than production using natural gas with carbon capturing, also for bio-based routes

Datum:14 april 2022

Costs of green hydrogen production, with the current state of technology and expected long-term input prices, are higher than of production from natural gas with carbon capture, also when production from biomass is considered. This last-mentioned option...

Imports of hydrogen produced by electrolysis from Morocco more competitive than local production

Datum:08 april 2022
The most competitive supply route of low carbon hydrogen to the North-west European market, is hydrogen produced through SMR with CCS in Norway, with unit costs of supply of just above 2 €/kg. If one only considers hydrogen supply by electrolysis with the use of renewable electricity, supply from Morocco is less expensive than production in Europe, with estimated levelized supply costs of slightly above 4 €/kg. Because hydrogen transport costs rapidly increase with distance, supply of hydrogen over large intercontinental distances is not competitive.