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Machiel Mulder’s new book offers insights on the energy transition and policies contributing to achieving it

Datum:20 juli 2022
Machiel Mulder
Machiel Mulder

Many people are worried about climate change and this is highly understandable. The more extreme weather events that we are increasingly experiencing show us that our climate is already changing, with all its negative consequences. To prevent further climate change, we have to reduce our emissions and this requires an energy transition that will impact every energy user profoundly.

Professor Machiel Mulder of the Centre for Energy Economics Research (CEER) at the University of Groningen offers insights about the energy transition and contributing policies in his new book: “Energietransitie: Eerst snappen, dan doen” (English: “Energy transition: Think first, then act”), published by Eburon Academic Publishers.

The energy transition can be realized with the help of a vast number of different policy instruments. However, not all the instruments that are being proposed are created equally in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency. In order to understand how we can realise the energy transition as efficiently as possible, an economic perspective on the transition will help. In his new book, Mulder discusses the economic links between the various energy systems (such as electricity, natural gas, heat and hydrogen) in a clear and accessible manner and delves into how these systems are influenced by different policy instruments.

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Cover of Mulder's new book

With the book, the professor of Energy Economics hopes to help improve our understanding of which policy measures do and which do not contribute to an efficient energy transition. Mulder also discusses how the acquired insights can be translated into concrete actions by energy users, energy producers and governments. After all, reducing C02-emissions as quickly as possible is the main goal.

Mulder’s book is written in Dutch and is titled “Energietransitie: Eerst snappen, dan doen” (“Energy transition: Think first, then act”), it can be found on Eburon’s website, among other places.