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Project Hebe: breaking the silence of children in care

A new grant from Pro Juventute will allow researchers at the University of Groningen to investigate the experiences of children with the child protection system.

This new study, called Hebe after the Greek goddess of youth, aims to gain knowledge about the experiences of children who have been involved in child protection investigations. Moreover, the study will contribute to the development of new methods for involving children in research.

One of the most innovative aspects of Hebe is precisely the participation of children and young adults who suffered child maltreatment as co-researchers in the development of the study design, research instrument and dissemination. With this, Hebe aims to give children a voice and show the value of including children’s views in research and evaluation of policy and practice.

Project Hebe is integrated in a broader international research programme called Hestia (funded by NORFACE, 7FP). Hestia is a cooperation between the University of Groningen, the University of York and the German Youth Institute, aiming to explore variations of child protection policy and practice in Europe.

The members of the Groningen team are Hans Grietens, Erik Knorth, Mónica López López, Helen Bouma and Marleen Wessels.

Last modified:11 July 2019 1.08 p.m.
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