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Shubham Singh

I am pursuing a research master program in Molecular Biology at the RUG. This program has a few ‘taught subjects’ and a couple of research projects. Taught subjects are very meticulously designed by the faculty members, with most contents dating back to 4-5 years (so very up-to-date). Additionally, during the coursework, students are expected to finish a week long ‘short project’, which gives good exposure of some of the most recent techniques of life science. For the two research projects, while the goal is fixed, students are free (and expected) to take the most suitable course to achieve the aim. The faculty and the staff is very caring and supportive.

Groningen is a culturally diverse city. Except ‘maa ka khana’, you can find everything that you could need (but you need to know the right place). People are friendly and respect others. Language is not a problem as most of the people understand English (plus, if you pay attention, Dutch is not that hard). Weather is generally pleasant, although rains sometimes dominate. Most important of all, the city is very safe, for everyone. Both intercity and intracity transportation is very developed, but bicycle is a must, and is usually sufficient.

Shubham Singh (Research master student at UG from 2014-2016)

Shubham is now UG student ambassador [link naar A&F]

Shubham Singh
Shubham Singh
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