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Darshana Jain

If my experience at University of Groningen or in the Netherlands is to be described in one word, though it is difficult, but that would be splendid. Groningen is a perfect student city any student would love to live in with its clean and peaceful environment, not to forget its lively night life. Biking in Groningen, is an indispensable part of life which is a lot of fun, though heavy wind at times may make it a bit more adventurous.

Living in Groningen for a semester introduced me to a kind of life style, culture, administration which is very different from what I had experienced in any other Asian city I have lived in so far. It was a rich learning experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I have spent a semester as a Bachelor exchange student at Faculty of Law. The lectures have been very insightful, the reading material is immensely informative and comprehensive. The professors are very friendly and extremely cooperative. I had taken a combination of courses from different areas of law, Criminal, Commercial as well as Private Law. One common thing which I found was the courses being taught with a comparative perspective from jurisdictions across the world which facilitates opening up one’s horizons and enables one to analyze, criticize or even appreciate one’s own/ any legal system and suggest improvement measures.

International orientation of this place opens up to an amazing experience, be it interacting with international students coming from different parts of world, participation in various excursions, ESN’s various theme oriented parties, or music festivals.. Pursuing exchange at University of Groningen provided me an opportunity to explore myself in both personal and professional spheres and has helped me to surpass my limitation. I am happy to say that my experience in Netherlands is not just a profoundly memorable one, but it is the best experience ever. Dank jewel Holland, for being so amazing.    

Darshana Jain, Final Year, B.A LL.B (Hons.) National Law School of India University, Bangalore (India)

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