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Ann Thomas

I’ve been here at the University of Groningen for about two years now and I’ve loved each moment. I was accepted for a PhD position at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. What I appreciate most about the work atmosphere is that my colleagues and supervisors not only give me the freedom to be creative about my project but go one step further and support me in the things I want to implement. My efforts don’t go unnoticed and I receive constructive feedback on a regular basis, a thing that I found lacking from my experience back in India. I miss home and all things Indian, but the Dutch with their enthusiasm, warmth and open-mindedness have made the transition a lot easier than I expected. I have had the chance to meet people from so many different countries here and have learnt so much from each one! It is also a way of life here to do a lot with yourself at any given point, and so I’m trying to get into the routine of working, and sporting, and going out and taking time out for myself all at once, and it’s refreshing. I’m saying a lot to say a little, the little being that I’m perfectly happy that I chose Holland over other dream destinations and that there’s not one thing I would have differently.

Ann Thomas, PhD student, (2015)

Ann Thomas, PhD student at UG's Faculty of Science and Engineering
Ann Thomas, PhD student at UG's Faculty of Science and Engineering
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