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The Guild

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Composed of some of Europe’s most distinguished research-intensive universities, the Guild is dedicated to enhancing the voice of universities in Europe for the benefit of research and teaching. It will engage politicians, officials, public and private companies through debate based on cutting-edge scholarship. The Guild’s members are committed to sharing their knowledge, experience and good practice, for the benefit of all members.


Aarhus University, The University of Bologna, Ghent University, The University of Glasgow, The University of Göttingen, The University of Groningen, Jagiellonian University, King's College London, University of Louvain, University of Ljubljana, The University of Oslo, University Paris Diderot, Radboud University, University of Tartu, The University of Tübingen, Uppsala University, The University of Vienna, The University of Warwick.

Founding Vision

Visit our website for an outline of The Guild’s Founding Vision


The Guild holds regular public events such as Policy Labs, lectures and other functions. Further details and information can be found at the following website

Engagement with The Guild

Should you wish to engage (beyond the public forums and other events) with The Guild and its members; please contact the University of Groningen’s Institutional Representative to The Guild: Paul Bolt, Head of International Strategy & Relations (ISR). Contact (via): Gerdi Sterenborg, Secretary ISR,

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