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PhD Research

The University of Groningen greatly welcomes students who would like to do doctoral research with a Science without Borders (SwB) scholarship.

A specific Science without Borders Holland call was launched in the PhD category, with the following modalities:

  • One year sandwich PhD: you are already enrolled in a PhD program at a Brazilian institution and would like to do part of your research at the University of Groningen
  • Two year sandwich PhD directed at setting up a double degree programme through institutional cooperation between your home university and the University of Groningen
  • Full PhD with a maximum duration of four years: you will obtain your degree from the University of Groningen

A full PhD degree in the Netherlands usually takes four years that are very research-intensive. About 90% of your time will be spent on research and during the remainder 10% you may take courses that are meant to support your research (e.g. scientific writing, English presentation skills, courses to learn specific techniques). This means that there is no specific exam you will have to take in order to officially enroll in a PhD program.

Admission to a PhD therefore is dependent on whether there is a supervisor who is able and willing to host you in your field. It is essential that you get in touch with an academic who works in your area before you apply to the SwB scholarship. We offer you the following possibilities to do so:

  1. Locate a supervisor by browsing our website and contact them directly.
  2. Contact the Coordinator of the Graduate School of the Faculty that offers your field of research.
  3. Send a message to to have us introduce you

In all cases it is essential that you enclose an English-language CV and a description of your research interests with your correspondence.

Graduate Schools & Priority Areas

The University of Groningen has nine faculties and nine corresponding Graduate Schools that are responsible for the education and training of Research Master and PhD students. The SwB priority areas largely correspond to the research that is offered at the following faculties:


GS International Coordinator


Faculty of Science and Engineering

Dr. Anke Schuster

Faculty research

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Joyce Fongers

Visit Graduate School of Medical Sciences

Download guide to different research programs

Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Prof. Inge Hutter

Focus on Urban & Regional Studies

Faculty of Economics & Business

Rina Koning

Graduate School website

Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us !

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