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Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences

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***The courses overview for 2015/2016 mentioned below is not entirely definitive. A few courses might be adjusted, named differently, cancelled or taught at other periods. The ultimate and definitive list of available courses for 2015/2016 is only known by June 2015***

Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences

Course overview

Course Overview Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences


In the Master's degree programme in Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences you study the causes and pathophysiology of diseases and intervention with drugs. The research area of the programma is interdisciplinary covering the whole range of drug development disciplines from basic drug target discovery and molecular modeling of new entities and molecular targets, to pharmacoepidemiology and post marketing surveillance.

Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences focuses on learning about conducting research by actually doing it. The programme is a good preparation for a PhD programme and for independently practice of this science in a future job. You are trained by researchers from various fields such as pharmacy, chemistry, biology and medical sciences since we believe that new ideas for treatment of disease mainly arise at the interface of these different disciplines. Students can either choose to design their programme tailored to their interest or choose a specific specialisation.

If you do the specialization in Toxicology and Drug Disposition, you will focus particularly on adverse drug reactions and toxicokinetics of drugs. Within this field innovations are expected in the areas of alternatives to animal experiments, toxicokinetics modelling and systems biology.

If you choose the specialisation Pharmaco-epidemiology you will focus on pharmaceutical research, notably pharmacovigilance, database research, observational and trial intervention methodology and utilization studies with specific attention to the role of pharmaceuticals in healthy ageing.


For Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences it is important to have a background in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacy, or related research fields focusing on knowledge and skills at the interface of molecular and cellular biology, organic chemistry and biochemistry, and pharmaceutical sciences.

Practical lab experience is a pre-requisite as students will have to operate autonomously in labs.

Additionally, you should meet the English-language requirements: TOEFL 92 IBT or IELTS 6.5.

How to apply?

Scan and send the application documents to
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