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Europese netwerken en samenwerkingsverbanden van de Universiteit

De Rijksuniversiteit Groningen maakt deel uit van verschillende Europese en wereldwijde samenwerkingsverbanden waarin verschillende universiteiten zich verenigd hebben. De belangrijkste Europese partners staan hieronder vermeld.

Coimbra Group
Founded in 1985 and formally constituted by Charter in 1987, the Coimbra Group is a network of 37 long established European multidisciplinary universities of high international standard.
U4 Network

The U4 Network consists of four European universities. These universities are: Ghent University, the University of Göttingen, Uppsala University and the University of Groningen. The co-operation between these institutions is founded on disciplines in which these universities have excellent research and/or disciplines in which they consider co-operation in the strategic interest of their universities.

European University Association - EUA

Members of the association are European universities involved in teaching and research, national associations of rectors and other organizations active in higher education and research. The EUA represents and supports higher education institutions in 47 countries, providing them with a unique context in which to co-operate, and to lead the way for the latest trends in higher education and research policies.

European Energy Research Alliance (EERA)

EERA is an alliance of leading organizations in the field of energy research. EERA aims to strengthen, expand and optimize EU energy research capabilities through the sharing of world-class national facilities in Europe and the joint realization of pan-European research programmes (EERA Joint Programmes). The primary focus of EERA is to accelerate the development of energy technologies to the point where they can be embedded in industry-driven research. In order to achieve this goal, EERA streamlines and coordinates national and European energy R&D programmes.

European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research (EPUE)

EPUE has been developed by the European University Association (EUA) while involved in the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) of the EU SET-PLAN. The major task for EUA was to demonstrate that university-based research and, importantly, Master and Doctorate education programmes, and the uniqueness of universities’ interdisciplinary research environments, were key elements in tackling the ‘societal challenge’ of achieving a sustainable energy supply and usage in Europe.


EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is a unique pan-European initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services to researchers wishing to pursue their research careers in Europe or stay connected to it.

The Guild

Composed of some of Europe’s most distinguished research-intensive universities, the Guild is dedicated to enhancing the voice of universities in Europe for the benefit of research and teaching. It will engage politicians, officials, public and private companies through debate based on cutting-edge scholarship. The Guild’s members are committed to sharing their knowledge, experience and good practice, for the benefit of all members.

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