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Symposium Welcome

Elmer Sterken

Preparing universities For Infinity

This symposium is devoted to the way universities should deal with the major changes in education and training. Globalisation and the increasing demand on high level education forces us to look into new concepts and ways of sharing knowledge. Training the next generation of top level researchers, teachers, doctors, managers and professionals is a challenge universities are facing nowadays. Universities need to embrace a future of new didactic methods, online possibilities and international learning. How can we incorporate all these changes in our present academic world? What will work to our advantage? How will we face the bright future awaiting us?

Three keynote speakers, a large number of university professors, teaching staff and students, as well as a panel of university leaders will discuss the need to change and the opportunities this offers for universities of the future. They will provide you with fresh insights, discuss new possibilities and suggest creative ways to change education. The set-up is interactive and you are cordially invited to join the debate, adding your own views and ideas.

Counting on a lively debate, I wish you a great symposium and invite you to join me for drinks afterwards in the inspiring atmosphere of the Bernoulliborg.

Professor Elmer Sterken
Rector Magnificus
University of Groningen

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