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Symposium 'Universities in the 21st Century: For Infinity'

12 June, 2014
Hans van Ees

What are the challenges facing universities in the future? How will we cope with the new demands and perspectives of a rapidly expanding world? Do we need new didactic methods, and academic learning and research to be organized differently? What are your views on these matters?

We kick off with three keynote speeches from Professor Robert Slavin, Professor Emmo Meijer and Max van den Berg. They will share their views on how universities should respond to the challenges of the 21 st century in order to thrive and survive. After lunch a number of international university lecturers will discuss creative ways to reform academic education. There will be interactive meetings about new didactic methods – such as collaborative learning, the international classroom and e-learning instruments, like MOOCS and serious gaming. We will also discuss education in what are known as excellence programmes. A policy panel comprising Professor Sibrandes Poppema, President the Board of the University of Groningen, Professor Dorothy Kelly, Chair of the Coimbra Group and Professor at the University of Granada, and Dr Karl Dittrich, Chair of the Association of Dutch Universities (VSNU) will conclude the symposium. The panel will discuss ways to incorporate the necessary changes into university policy. You are invited to ask questions, join the debate and share your views on the future of academic education.  

Professor Hans van Ees
Symposium Chairman and Dean of the University College Groningen

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