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Official celebration of the 400th anniversary

Martini Church
Martini Church

The official celebration will take place in the Martini Church on the 13th of June. It is a festive academic ceremony chaired by the Rector Magnificus, in which honorary doctorates will be conferred. Registration for this event is necessary before April 30, 2014. Please tick the box at your registration form if you would like to attend the ceremony. Upon arrival in Groningen you will receive your individual entrance ticket for this event. There is no admittance to the ceremony without an entrance ticket.

Rectors, Presidents and full professors, who bring their gown and hood and/or their insignia of office, are invited to take part in the academic procession. Please indicate on your registration form if you want to do so. It will be very much appreciated and welcomed by the Rector Magnificus and the Groningen academia.

For all other ticket holders, reserved places will be available in the Martini Church. The church will be opened at 13.15 hrs.

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