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About us Working at the University of Groningen Rosalind Franklin Fellowship Fellows 2011-2012

Tamara Witschge

Working at the Faculty of Arts

About my research

"After working for five years on the quality of journalism and the relation between media and democracy in the UK, I am very excited to return to the Netherlands and examine the way in which the Dutch media landscape is changing. Media are of crucial importance to modern-day democracies, and the internet and other new media have allowed the public to participate in new ways. In my research I examine the extent to which the new media tools allow different groups to be heard in society, how people are informed about news and current affairs, and what types of citizenship are practiced."

About Rosalind Franklin

"I admire her tenacity. Years after her death, we still live in a society where equality is not a given, but too often an exception. With this fellowship I can address such inequalities and aim to help establish equal access to the public domain for different groups in society."

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