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About us Working at the University of Groningen Rosalind Franklin Fellowship Fellows 2011-2012

Pascale Francis Dijkers

Working at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

About my research

"Often considered a nuisance by people in summer, the fruit fly has been
incredibly useful for the understanding of human biology. Its biology is
quite similar to mammals, but more simple and easier to study. My dream is
to find out how the immune system is involved in disease, using the fruit
fly, and to be able to translate these findings to human biology."

About Rosalind Franklin

"Rosalind Franklin's research was key in three men getting the Nobel Prize
for solving the structure of DNA. She was not in a very enviable position,
in a work environment of men who were not used to work together with women,
and commented on her looks and personality. It is admirable she managed to
do as well as she did. Some decades later, things have changed: women are
supported more, and RF fellowships in Groningen are a very important boost
for the careers of women."

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