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About us Working at the University of Groningen Rosalind Franklin Fellowships Fellows 2011-2012

Karina Isabel Caputi

Karina Caputi

Working at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

About my research

"For me, being an Astronomer is fascinating, as understanding the wonders of the night sky is making a child's dream come true. I study distant galaxies, and my aim is to explain how the Universe has evolved, until finally look like as we know it today.  What makes my work so exciting is that every day is potentially full of surprises: discovering new objects in the sky can challenge our ideas of the origins and destiny of our cosmos."

About Rosalind Franklin

"Rosalind Franklin is perhaps the most emblematic icon of women's struggle for recognition in professional life. As a female researcher, I find the figure of Rosalind Franklin particularly inspiring of hard work and self-esteem, which are two major ingredients to vindicate the capacity of women for achievement and leadership."

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