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About us Working at the University of Groningen Rosalind Franklin Fellowship Fellows 2011-2012

Jennifer Jordan

Working at the Faculty of Economics and Business

About my research

"What I hope to achieve in my research is to understand why people act in consistent versus compensatory moral ways and then, to develop methods to help foster consistent moral behavior. My research shows that people often follow a moral action with an immoral action and an immoral action with a moral one. However, of course, we want people to act consistently moral! My collaborators and I theorize that it is changes to one’s moral self-image that account for these compensatory effects. Specifically, when people do something moral, their moral self-image is strengthened, allowing them to relax their moral strivings. And when people do something immoral, their moral self-image is threatened and then they need to do something moral to recover their moral self. Along with my colleagues, including Marijke Leliveld in the University’s Marketing Department, I am in the process of developing a scale to capture these changes in people’s moral self-image."

About Rosalind Franklin

"I am honored to have a fellowship attached to Rosalind Franklin’s legacy because she represents a woman who achieved something great, not because of her gender, but in spite of her gender; she was a leading scientist at a time when there were very few women in professional roles - let alone leaders in science. I am also proud to hold a fellowship related to Dr. Franklin’s legacy because of her brilliance. I may never aspire to achieve such brilliance, nor Dr. Franklin’s contribution to human understanding, but I do aspire to help pave a path for other women scientists to achieve their professional dreams - just as Dr. Franklin did. Even in 2012, there are still relatively few female full professors."

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