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About us Working at the University of Groningen Rosalind Franklin Fellowships Fellows 2007-2008

Maria Antonietta Loi

Rosalind Franklin Fellow Maria Antonietta Loi
Rosalind Franklin Fellow Maria Antonietta Loi

Professor of photophysics and OptoElectronics

Prof. Loi studies photophysical and optoelectronic properties of unconventional semiconductors (colloidal semiconductors, carbon nantubes and organics) by using a multidisciplinary approach characterized by a combination of optical spectroscopy and electrical measurements. She is continually looking for new semiconducting systems, with an emphasis on understanding the fundamental properties of the materials by using optical excitation (ultrafast photoluminescence, non-linear optics, optical microscopy etc.) and electrical measurements using the materials as active layers of optoelectronic devices. Optoelectronic devices of interest concern both photon-to-charges (photodetectors and solar cells) and charges-to-light (light emitting diodes and light emitting transistors) conversion.

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