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Final School Project Educational Package

Research Days at the UG & Follow-up at your secondary schol

On 14, 15, and 16 may 2018, The Alfa, Bèta and Gamma Support desks will again organise research days for secondary school students and teachers. During these days, students will discover what scientific research entails: they will attend lectures on doing research and they will visit an exhibition about science. Students can get to work at the exhibition by brainstorming about their first research paper: the final year project!


The research days will be opened by one of the coordinators from the support desks. He or she will tell you more about your final school project: how do you come up with a subject? How do you make sure that the subject is a good one? How can you find sources that will help you create a good paper? How do you write a decent text? All these topics will be covered.

After this talk, people who have done research for a considerable amount of time will talk: a researcher will speak about his or her research.


The second part of the program is composed of a workshop in asking open research questions. Because lectures on science are fun, but experiencing science is even better! The workshop will be in small groups at the exhibition of the University Museum, here you can see several examples of alfa, bèta and gamma science. At the end of the day, the students will hopefully be inspired to come up with a wonderful topic for their final school project! The teachers will also go home with renewed energy and new ideas, since they will also deal with the theme ‘what is science’.


Several weeks after the research day in Groningen, our final school project team will come to your school. In the meantime, students have come up with a topic and looked for some sources to orient themselves. The team will, amongst other things, explain how you make a good main thesis and subsections. Afterwards, they will help students with their final school project: they will give advice on their thesis and help when students struggle with formulating a thesis. They will also answer all the questions that students came up with during the time between the research day and the follow-up. All in all, a very productive day!

In short

  • What? Research day for secondary school students, including final school project advice follow-up at your school in Groningen
  • When? 14, 15, 16 May 2018. All sessions are filled.
  • Where? The location for 14 and 15 May will be announced later on. The research day in 16 May will take place in the Marie Lokehall of the Harmonie Building (Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 26).
  • Costs? 300 euros per school.
  • Any questions? Send a mail to:

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