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Ben and borrelnoten – he’s got it!

Datum:11 december 2016
Auteur:Riepko Buikema
Riepko Buikema
Riepko Buikema

Where were you when Ben Feringa was presented with his Nobel Prize? I was lying on my hotel bed watching it all on TV, while colleague Peter took care of the drinks (two glasses of water) and snacks (borrelnoten!). So what if it wasn’t a Nobel Banquet – after an overwhelming week with numerous wonderful impressions it was actually rather nice to just relax.

And enjoy! There he was, shaking hands with the Swedish King Carl Gustaf. Ben Feringa, the man who took us with him this week on his dazzling flight through Stockholm, was presented with the Nobel Prize. It was a true privilege to be up so close and personal.



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